Sounds like more of a daunting task of self-discovery than a mere depiction one could fit in a ‘short’ treatise!

But that’s what I want! A short little blurb that says a bit about myself and what it is I’m trying to achieve!

That’s cute. The giraffe still thinks he can keep anything short!

How hard could it be to write an ‘ABOUT’ Page?

Says the giraffe who hasn’t been able to pull it off in over a year between 3 different websites!

I mean, ordinary people talk about themselves and their personas all day long on places like Fakebook, Twatter and Instasham! Why do you find it so difficult?

assumes I am ‘ordinary’! I mean, is anybody?

and I’m not even ‘people’!

nor do I swirl in turd-bowls of social media.


But, as far as giraffes go, I do talk a lot, so this should be easy!

Hell! I can’t even decide whether to call this a ‘proem’, ‘prolegomenon’, or an ‘exordium’!

might I suggest staying away from any thesauri during the elucidation of this characterization?

Probably a good idea…

Not to change the subject, but I often get confused between first, second, and third-person ways of describing points of view…

not as confused as I am, trying to read this!

So, how does one go about defining oneself, and why would one even want to?

Are you trying to put me in a box? You want me to put my’self’ in one?

Oftentimes it is easier to define ourselves by what we are not.

‘oh noes!’ *This could devolve quickly!

Whatever do you mean, 'Just-Kiss-It'?

Well, you know how well those long diatribes that aren’t ‘for’ anything, but are ‘against’ everything go over, right?

so maybe try to remain simpatico without being ingratiating?

it’d be nice if you just put away that thesaurus!



There he goes again! Don’t let him bring ANOTHER Voice into this!

Let’s see if we can break this giraffe out of his conversation with himself long enough to figure out who he thinks he is, and what he thinks he’s doing here!

Too easy to get caught up in the world of ‘appearances’; not to mention ‘portrayal’-of-‘persona’…

That’s what a ‘Blog’ IS!

maybe I don’t want a ‘blog’ then!

Yeah, you’ve mentioned that a few times. What do You Want?

I guess I’m figuring that, while practicing new skills and developing habits and self-discipline. I guess this is just a record of the process whereby 'Just-Kiss-It' finds out just who 'Just-Kiss-It' is, and just what 'Just-Kiss-It' is all ABOUT!

Meanwhile, it is also a place for practicing new skills and developing new habits of self-discipline. in the gnosis

The Truth of who you are is difficult to express to another.

he pretends there is an ‘other’!

The secret always protects itself…


Eye See U, Shiva!

Well, I obviously have more writing to do on the ‘ABOUT’ Page later…

At least I’ll be able to go insert this as an ‘ABOUT’ Page everywhere it is appropriate soon – including the old 8kun.top/freedomzine/ site, the freedomzine.hashbase.io site, and the just-kiss-it.hashbase.io site!

The info is still applicable, and will help me wrap up those enterprises with a neat bow…

Just Clean That Shite Up Already!

nice to be able to go back and change the past, eh?



Again with the images that don’t show up in dark mode?

Seems like one oughtta be able to wrap that up in nice packaging and sell it, eh?

What, exactly?

Well, seems like one oughtta be able to wrap up an ‘ABOUT’ Page with some kind of quickness!

Oh, this is ‘some kind of quickness’ alright!

But I sure as hell ain’t sellin’ nothin’!

Shit I did:

  • Tried to write the ABOUT Page, but got sidetracked by

  • all those .html '_partials'

    Whatever do you mean? (look below…)

  • Messed with Tutanota ‘AppImage’ again.

    Still lost with the sandboxing issue. I’ll have to look that up soon. But it is aggravating! Freakin’ Vanilla Debian 10 ‘Buster’ irritates me at times. I mean, it’s a freakin’ AppImage! Never, on any other distro have I had a problem with an AppImage, including this very AppImage. It’s enough to make one go ‘Arch’! Stability is nice though. I find the ‘Bullseye’ Testing Branch of Debian 10 to be quite stable though too. All too ‘Debian’ for my tastes now though. I sometimes feel the need for more freedom to embrace less freedom in certain areas. I mean, ‘FOSS’ Yes! But difficulties? NO!

  • Spent time with family…


More on that later…

But yeah, ‘escape’ may be part of how I have heretofore dealt with the dilemma of ‘other’ and ‘judgement’Don’t wanna do that no more!

I want to FEEL – DEEPLY.

But I do not want those ‘feelings’ to color how I react. In fact, I no longer want to ‘react’ at all!

I only want to ACT Authentically, with Integrity and Honesty.

I Want to Be WITH This Process – AWARENESS…

he pretends that ‘escape’ is not part of the ‘process’! I wonder what it would take to remind him!

Maybe if ‘we’ busy him creating some .html '_partials' he’ll forget what this page was supposed to be ABOUT

Got these miscellaneous symbols from w3schools.com/charsets/ he may find ‘interdasting’






‘Not Exists’ – I like it…

‘Not Succeeds Slant Equal’ – I like this one too…

















That reminds me I’ve gotta get goin’ with 'Hugo' on 'Docker', not to mention the ‘Pi-hole’ 'Docker' image and 'pivpn'



Oh, Squirrel! I get it. ‘OK’


Yeah, I’ve been escaping writing that ABOUT Page for quite some time now! In Many Ways!

But I’ll be back in awhile… I have WAY too much to do to sit around here talking about how much I have to do, whilst not doing it!

Just in case you were wondering how the '.html Entities' on this page render in different browsers on different devices, I checked it out for you!




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