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Amorphous Androgynous - The Isness & The Otherness (2004) Downtempo/Experimental/Prog Rock/Ambient

If everything you try works, you aren’t trying hard enough.

Got up early this morning. Was cogitating; and yes, putting off writing. Thoughts all over the place. So, I decided to be semi-lazy and just watch a video. Of course, it had to be intellectually stimulating and provide personally valuable timely insights! I think it would be fair to say that this video would be useful and mostly interesting for anybody! I even turned my girlfriend on to it early in the afternoon, and she enjoyed it! (Of course, I kicked her out shortly thereafter, but she knows how I get sometimes when I need to focus on work!)

Morning Video…


Jim Keller: Moore’s Law, Microprocessors, Abstractions, and First Principles | AI Podcast

Jim Keller is a legendary microprocessor engineer, having worked at AMD, Apple, Tesla, and now Intel. He’s known for his work on the AMD K7, K8, K12 and Zen microarchitectures, Apple A4, A5 processors, and co-author of the specifications for the x86-64 instruction set and HyperTransport interconnect. This conversation is part of the Artificial Intelligence podcast.

Interview by ~ Lex Fridman on his YouTube Channel. I’ll be keeping my eye on this young man, and you should too! He has intelligently interviewed some pretty ‘interesting’ people!

I guess I’m still a ‘Jaded Optimist’ too!

It’s as much of a shit-show as you wanna make it! And how you see it… is how it is, at least from your perspective anyway! Protip: That is an ever-changing place in time, not to mention the stance!

FAIR WARNING: My thoughts have been all over the map lately, I’ve been doing a lot of introspection and am pretty much just vomiting my thoughts out here – No Filter – So, yeah, I’m not gonna watch my fucking language anymore. If that’s gonna be a problem with you, perhaps you should limit your contact with AUTHENTICITY.

(most folks do little else.)

So, today…

A few words about Authenticity vs. Conformity & Fear of The ‘Different’…

Being taller and thinner than most of the herd, I have had a lifetime of experience with judgment and expulsion. There is nothing that conformists hate more than a thing that doesn’t fit. Anything considered ‘ouside the pale’ should either stay there, or it will be forced to conform.

The bigger the herd, and the more tightly they are compacted into a small space, the more enforcement of behavioral controls will be placed upon individual members.

It starts with neighbors and fences, but before you know it some bitch could be calling the cops because you threatened to drop-kick her Boston Terrier when it drew blood on your ankle and she’s still holding the leash, following you, letting it continue to bite, while you dodge hundreds of dogshits all over the sidewalk from the worthless apartment dog-owners that never pick up their dogshit, and you have complained to the City, along with many others, but the cops never do anything, and no laws are ever enforced against anyone you wish they were enforced upon, but dumb bitches use cops as weapons of mass punishment upon anyone who pisses them off, and the same cops have to show up for stupid shit like that, then have to show up again several blocks away, 15 minutes later, because some kids called the cops saying a tall creature was walking down the street with an assault rifle, but it was actually just a 20-ounce black coffee thermos you filled at the store, and that trip almost cost you your life twice from fearful folks who think it is helpful to send even more fearful folks into a situation where weapons will be drawn and lives actually threatened, rather than just the perception of a threat, then the very next day, when you catch the dogs who keep coming in your yard and killing your chickens, the cops will do nothing about it, just like every other time, but you wish they would stop bothering you about stupid shit based on others’ fears, annoyances, worldviews, ideologies, enforcements of conformity you don’t personally appreciate; but you’ve got a few gripes of your own that you wish were more adequately addressed from your perspective, but we’re all seeing reality throught the lens of our own limited perspectives, no matter how lofty a view we think we have, we literally know very little, (especially if we think we do); and then there’s the hate, the separation, the division, the us-vs-them-ness, the blame, the irresponsibility, the fakeness, the exhausting monotony of ickiness everywhere, like so much vomit disgorged in a never-ending sentence of denouncements and exculpations…

In the ISness We Are All the Same.

Totally fucked up in a Sublime way – and “Sublimity Depends Upon Unintelligibility.

Nobody is a ‘victim’ here, unless they wanna be!

We are ALL ‘Guilty’ of Being THAT.The ISNess.

There IS No ‘OTHER’.

The constant judgement, (usually negative), that Authenticity regularly tolerates from Conformity often bubbles over into anger, sometimes even becoming apparent to all, which scares the fuck out of conformists!

OMG! Unpredictability! What ever will we do?

It must be rough to live your life inside a worldview, where every new experience must be made to fit.

Most do though.

Some few, however, like me, find it much more comforting to be willing to change their entire worldview when new experiences demand it.

Got a few words to say about Surveillance, and feeling like everything one does is being watched (because nowadays, it is….)

Perceived Surveillance Inhibits Authenticity.

And That Should Be All I Have to Say On the Matter!

If only…

But I did just drive my girlfriend away for the umpteenth time because I can’t be having someone hanging out over my fucking shoulder all the time! Jeezuz motherfucking kriste! It is literally IMFUCKINGPOSSIBLE for me to act authentically if I think there is a datamining entity of any kind paying attention to ‘my’ business instead of minding their own! FUCK ME! I just can’t fucking do it!

Noyce outburst, Shiva!

Pleeze sir, I want some moar!

But Jeezuz is always watching!

Fuck off Jeezuz! No Peeping Toms need apply.

Which gets us back to ‘Surveillance Capitalism’, ‘Corporate Oligarchies’ and ‘Big Tech’…



Funny how every topic keeps melding into and out of all others!

Kind of like how each and every ‘viewpoint’ keeps melding into and out of the ‘pointless whole’!

Speaking of the hole, don’t forget da ‘Pi-Hole’!

Of All the things they could think of to do with AI to improve the lives of all humans, but (((these))) idiots can think of nothing but delivering us ads!

It’s all a facade!


Why Big Tech Will Never Be Broken Up: [9:49]

Should companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook be broken up? More importantly, is it even possible to break up Big Tech, considering the immense role these companies play in our private and business life?

Meanwhile, workers from my Internet Service Provider are outside, busy installing some new device on my internet connection!

I feel assaulted from all quarters, and I shouldn’t have to feel that way! It really puts a hitch in my giddyup! Ya gotta kinda trust the process or it doesn’t work properly though! Authenticity must be encouraged. But so must personal responsibility! Sometimes you gotta treat adults like children in order for them to finally grow up in some area or another! I know that I myself have required much of this kind of ‘coaxing’ at times. Too bad our public school system and our social structures do not encourage personal responsibility, rather they demand enforced conformity…

Alright, I’m just rambling now… So, I’ll leave you with this thought…

Everyone wants to be accepted.

Few Practice Acceptance.

WHO Are You Talking To?

inb4 “'Just-Kiss-It' is a little ‘unginged’!


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