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The Beginning & End are Always at the Same Juncture – Here & Now

Sometimes I like to fall deeper and deeper into the rabbit-hole… The deeper I fall, the more ‘I’ am ‘lost’ in the experience…

The stance one takes in any inception will be the same stance one can be found in at the terminus.

he eternally pretends all is not eternal!

Workin’ on the ‘About’ Page this morning, after a couple days away from even touching a computer! Been making a lot of introspections and determinations. Really an important phase. Like any other phase, the most important part is ‘paying attention’MINDFULNESS.

One thing I’ve also gotta mention is ‘inspiration’. The writing of This Article Was Written ENTIRELY by AI really got me thinking about the nature of inspiration, and about how everything seems in on a conspiracy to portray for everything ‘else’ that ‘beholden’ for which that ‘beholder’ is most ‘in need of’ for that ‘placetime’.

And just who IS that Beholder?

Isn’t that always the question?

The ‘inspiration’ I had the other night to install the 'laptop-detect' package was exactly what it took for the Debian 10 Buster OS I’m running on this machine to finally recognize the battery well enough to not freeze up whenever it was accidentally unplugged.


In fact, I’m running it sans cords right now! (but about ready to plug in the ethernet cable, since I don’t use wi-fi much – not secure enough), which reminds me:

How the Gut Microbiome affects the Brain and Mind. [13:22]

The gut microbiota is a huge topic and has some very significant implications for health and nutrition. Here I’ve explained just a tiny bit of the research.

'Just-Kiss-It' Wants You to Know, Your THINKING Is Affected Too!

Number of snapped penises reaches all-time high in UK [2:55]

Finally! Some important news! Seriously Funny.

Giants: Who Really Rules The World? [22:21]

Abby Martin sits down with Peter Phillips, former director of Project Censored and professor of Political Sociology at Sonoma State University. His new book “Giants: The Global Power Elite” details the 17 transnational investment firms which control over $50 trillion in wealth—and how they are kept in power by their activists, facilitators and protectors.

The Biggest Stock Bubble You’ve Never Heard Of: The Souk Al-Manakh Meltdown [11:33]

What was the biggest bubble in the world? 2008’s housing crisis? The Dot Com crash? Tulip Mania? Not even close.

The Souk al-Manakh was Kuwait’s unofficial over-the-counter stock market, headquartered in an air-conditioned parking garage. But, as you’ll soon learn, miraculously managed to grow to the 3rd largest equity market on earth (only trailing America and Japan) with stock prices that commonly doubled on an hourly basis — only to come crashing done in the most unbelievable way.

It’s a tale of greed, deception, cultural quirks, billions, and perhaps most importantly: lessons you can take away as an investor human being.

Bridgewater Co-CIO Prince Calls the End of the Boom-Bust Cycle [12:29]

Jan.22 – Bob Prince, co-chief investment officer at Bridgewater Associates, discusses the end of the boom-bust cycle, finding opportunity in market stability, and the firm’s investment strategy. He speaks at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland on “Bloomberg Surveillance.”



Do you support this?


Zeducation is a YouTube Channel you might want to put on your radar! I did a long time ago.

Big Tech Stole Our Data While Democracy Slept: Shoshana Zuboff on the Age of Surveillance Capitalism [22:17]

Corporations have created a new kind of marketplace out of our private human experiences. That is the conclusion of an explosive new book that argues big tech platforms like Facebook and Google are elephant poachers, and our personal data is ivory tusks. We continue our interview with Shoshana Zuboff, author of The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power.

> If you are not yet hip to the term ‘Surveillance Capitalism’, or have not yet heard anything out of Shoshana Zuboff, you may want to change that.


2020 Forecast: Americas [11:51] by CaspianReport.

Economic inequality, corruption, low GDP growth, and poor public services have fuelled anti-government protests across the Western Hemisphere. The political climate is more polarised than before, and many states are finding it difficult to balance the needs of their citizens and that of the IMF. Protectionist barriers are being set up, migrants and refugees are spilling over the borders, and for the first time in decades, political instability has reached the United States where public confidence in national institutions is diminishing. These, and more, will carry all sorts of consequences for North and South America in the coming year.

Ayn Rand - Entitlements Cannot Be Rights [11:48]

A brilliant explanation of rights and entitlements and the inherent difference in the two.

>inb4 ‘Ayn Rand’!

Tucker: Leaders show no obligation to American voters [15:13]

Voters around the world revolt against leaders who won’t improve their lives.

>inb4 ‘Tucker’!

How Soros Made A Billion Dollars And Almost Broke Britain [10:36]


Psychopath vs Sociopath: What’s the Difference? [11:32]

So what’s the difference between a psychopath vs sociopath? What are the signs of a psychopath, like Ted Bundy, vs the signs of someone who can be better characterized with a different label? Here are the facts…

'Just-Kiss-It' is an Admitted ‘Sociopath’!

(‘Admitted’, as in, a ‘concession’ rather than a ‘reception’!)

Is China running out of people? [10:12] by CaspianReport

Beijing has industrialized faster than any nation in history. Now, it is also aging faster than any nation.

There is no doubt that China is emerging as a regional powerhouse. In the past thirty years, its GDP has grown from just 177 billion USD to 12,2 trillion USD. But there is a flaw in China’s model of growth. Demographic data shows that the country is now facing a severe decline in population. China’s fertility rate is dropping, people are living longer, and the workforce is shrinking. For a country whose young workforce is the backbone of its economy, these demographic trends are harbingers of social, economic and political disaster.

Catch a clue of what’s goin’ on…

HOW to quit Sugar & Unhealthy Habits [15:49]

The key to quitting sugar is understanding the 5 things in your way: Your brain, environment, habits, gut and (maybe) friends.

Diet and health has always been a big topic as of recently, especially with the number of overweight and obese people with diabetes increasing. While there is a bit of a fight between low carb and high carb, the thing that deserves the most attention is quitting sugar, as cutting out refined sugars and processed foods is the most sure-fire way to improving health and regulating weight. The mindset and approach of really understanding how and why bad habits like this develop can be applied to all sorts of things (stop smoking etc.)

'Just-Kiss-It' applied similar changes in thinking to break many bad habits; including another refined sugar-based one: ALCOHOL.

Why Self-Discipline is so Hard [9:34]


How Social Media is Destroying Our Brains [10:52]

Social media is addicting - practically all of us have dealt with this. Are ‘Instasham’ and ‘Fakebook’ on your side? No, they are built to profit off of your need for connection, while they truly have a very negative effect on our psychology.

You may notice that 'Just-Kiss-It' is distinctly lacking in ‘Social Media’ Links, because he does not participate in any ‘social media’ activities.

Scientists Create the FIRST Living Robot! [11:04]


The researchers have taken living cells from frog embryos, and assembled them into entirely new life-forms. So-called Xenobots.

RADICAL! (to say the least…)

Your Privacy Matters, So Fight For It by Distro Tube

2020-01-29/why-privacy-matters.png [7:11]

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And just because…

The Philosophy of South Park – Wisecrack Edition [17:25]


and your ‘cuteness’ video of the day is:

Sam The Bengal Cat & Pip The Otter [2:12]


PLEEZE Don’t Tell Me You’re Suffering From a Lack of Links!

Don’t Get Lost in the Minutiae!

(Let the Whole ‘thing’ sweep you away!)

There is much to do, and I feel impelled to do it. Just what exactly am I trying to achieve, and how do I plan on expending my time and energy in the pursuit of which goals?

Who is this 'Just-Kiss-It' persona that is being pawned off on the world, anyway?

It is already well known that I cannot expect any support for any endeavor, even if it were elegant; and most of my endeavors are not. (although they are always ‘grand’!)

‘Expectations’ are so gauche.

Both expectations for support, and expectations of support can be avoided by simply not participating in the panoply of ‘seeking support’! So, the question always arises,

‘simply’, huh? ‘How will you support yourself and your family?’

  • Maybe it’s time to start a SUPPORT Page! (started…) DO MORE for SUPPORT.

Nobody wants to wind up as a beggar on the street-corner, but AUTHENTICITY often demands more of us than we expect, and being beholden to others for sustenance ALWAYS colors the message. I am a ‘messenger’! I have a message to deliver, and I will NOT allow any message to be tainted by any means of ‘Support’.

‘Expectations’ are anathema to Honesty, Integrity and Authenticity.

I don’t expect those who come into contact with the content I deliver to drop all their expectations; but experience tells me they would have a far better time if they did! Everywhere! And with everyone and everything!

  • Maybe make ‘dropping expectations’ a way-of-life?

Faith often leads to expectations. Certainty has always seemed to me to be a surer guide. But what can one really be ‘certain’ of? Well, change, for one thing! But certainly, it does not hurt to be certain about certain things; ‘amirite’? Experience often leads to greater certainty; and my experience has made me certain that ‘faith’, ‘beliefs’ and ‘ideologies’ are generally dangerous and evil; especially when applied in a social context! They are rarely employed for any other reason than conformity and control; neither of which has any value to true authenticity. And AUTHENTICITY is pretty much all I’ve ever been about!


Authenticity does not seek conformity anywhere; nor doeth it make determinations of dominion.

I would not trade the time I have spent with loved ones for anything.

While I often pursue goals that my family and friends have no desire to feign interest in, I love and care for them very much. I’ve enjoyed the time we’ve spent together.

Birthday Blessings Today!

You know who you are. (and if’n ya don’t, ya dun been taught how to find out!)


“And, in the End, The love you take is equal to the love you make.” ~ Paul McCartney of ‘The Beatles’


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