Started this day out right!

AUDREY AND KATE × Yoyoka ”Bulls on Parade” Rage Against the Machine Cover / Session With Yoyoka. ~ ‘WORTH IT’. [4:34]

Played a bit on this morn.

Created the ‘Artificial Intelligence’ Thread. Looks like someone has commented already. ‘Johnny Neptune’ seems unlikely to grace 8kun with much of his presence. You should have seen his replies to the following texts!


Remember Susucoin ?

Well, they’re still at it…

> inb4 ‘Johnny Neptune’ Don’t Care!


Checked out some interesting projects on Github and Gitlab today…

I’ve Heard of ‘Github’. What is ‘Gitlab’?

Well… If you want the awesome 1 1/2 minute version…

“What is GitLab? Explained To Children”

I also played with 'HUGO' some more, but found myself getting distracted by other random thought processes…


Actually toyed with the idea of of 'brew' installing 'HUGO' using Homebrew. They do have a LOT of packages available via the Homebrew package manager for Linux, and I would be able to get a pretty up-to-date version going on Debian (installed in the Home Directory); but after some research, and reading this thread, I was like, ‘HELL NO!’


Time to Learn 'Docker'!

And yes… 'HUGO' on ‘Dockerhub’!
Maybe I would like the ‘Play with Docker Classroom’ Tutorials?

(as an aside; no, I did not install 'apt-list', although it did look like an interdasting dependency of 'homebrew').

As Far as Using 'HUGO' on Github or Gitlab ‘Pages’ goes… READ THIS:

When you understand that page and implement what is described, you will have arrived!

REALLY Need to brush up on what I know about 'Git'.

David Mahler’s YouTube Channel has some really well done videos, with lots of nice diagrams and visualizations; besides invaluable introductions and reviews. ENJOY!

While we’re on the subject of YouTube Videos, and I still have AI on my mind, I’ll mention this YouTube Series…

> inb4 ‘YouTube Originals’

How Far is Too Far? ~ The Age of A.I. [34:39]

There’s more in the series, but that one isn’t half-bad; which reminds me, I’ve gotta add more AI Links to the “This Article Was Written ENTIRELY by AI” article.

I also need to consolidate the last few days worth of Notes into one Blog entry. Don’t make a production out of it! Just pick the important stuff and git on it!



  • Put an > inb4

.html ‘include’ or ‘partial’, or whatever it’s called in the 'u_will' repository.

(yeah, I just did a 'green.html' file instead, but I did not end the </span> )

<span style="color:#01DF01">

Now, for doing an

> inb4


> [% include green.html %] \> inb4

but replace the [ and ] with { and }.

(why was that so hard! it’s a code-block, for kryssake!)

(and yes, ya gotta put in the ‘escape character’, **, before the **>, otherwise 'Jekyll' will think the > means something else!)

And here is your Public Service Announcement from Adult Swim:

Cartoon Smokers ~ Robot Chicken ~ Adult Swim. ENJOY!

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