Decisiveness & Follow-Thru

Looks like I may leave 'Jekyll' behind soon. All signs point in that direction. Learning 'HUGO' and 'Jekyll' at the same time is not helpful, really; and I have to make decisions on how to move forward. I’m big on signs and portents; so when I saw I had a ‘gems’ folder, Gemfile and Gemfile.lock in my Home Directory this morning, and I do not know why??? Well, I consider it a sign.

more likely a sign that I gave the command to do bundle exec jekyll serve in my Home Directory, than a sign I need to leave 'Jekyll' behind; I know – but I’m leaving 'Jekyll' behind!

Anyway, that leads me to other considerations. I pretty much don’t want to use 'HUGO' unless I can use the latest and the greatest, which at this time is Version 0.62.2. The best I can get on Debian Testing is 0.58.1, which is actually ok, better than the 0.55.6 I can get on Debian 10 Buster; but, long story short… I’m about ready to go with an ‘Arch’ install. Grrr. Even ‘Manjaro’ irritates me oftentimes, because it has eccentricities peculiar to itself that… well I may as well just build an ‘Arch’ System from the ground up the way I want it! But that leads me back to needing a good backup and restore system, which I do not yet have (which reminds me I have to do my backups today!)…

But the main thing that is stressing me out is that I do not have any direction for where and how I want to expend my energies in the use of these new understandings. I need to write an ‘About’ Page today, wherein I express who my persona is, and what he is all about. Only THEN can it be determined WTF 'JKI' is doing!


  • Do I want to keep wasting my time with at all?
    • if so, how? when? in what ways? You best get on there soon or you’ll lose it anyway!
  • So, do I wanna keep the ‘FreedomZine’ idea?
    • if so, how? In what ways? And, as far as the old site, for giraffe’s sake, WRAP IT UP!
  • Do I want to keep the 'Just-Kiss-It' persona?
    • if so, how? In what ways? And, as far as the old site, for giraffe’s sake, WRAP IT UP!
  • Do I want to keep da Github?
    • If so, what is it exactly that I want to be doing there?
  • Same with GitLab

  • Remember the YouTube Channel ideas?
    • Which ones? The Entitlement Program killer?
    • Or the YouTube killer YouTube Channel? lol
You seeing a pattern here? Are you just going to move on yet again? Or are you finally going to stop, figure out who the hell you wanna be and what you wanna do when you grow up, and be and do that?!

I guess time will tell.

Tried to do some editing and writing, but somewhat failing today. Kinda angry and frustrated. Nothing working out right. Making mistakes. Pushed the .jekyll-metadata to Github like an idiot (because I was rushing), instead of adding it to .gitignore like I should have.


Still wasting time with 'LBRY' too!


In their defense, they DID finally figure out what my problem was and they sent 100 LBC my way for the trouble. Sean let me know he had just put up the AppImage on his Github minutes before, so I snagged it even before it was available on the 'LBRY' website! Still, it did not work for me. I don’t know if it’s a continuing ‘keytar’ requirement issue, or what! I give up for right now though. I don’t really feel like doing Discord right now, but that may change in a few days… So many groups of people use Discord. I may as well get back into it and see if it has improved over the last few years since I last checked it out…


OMFG! Cannot figure it out!


Having troubles with Git. I know nothing I guess.

I’m not the only one…; but I do not feel better…

Here’s a simple guide for getting started with git. no deep shit ;)

Also… When to Use Git Reset, Git Revert & Git Checkout .


lol 2020-01-23-204254.png


Ya STILL Gotta Know How to Use Git Though! Ha Ha!

Anyway, I just did a fetch, pull, then removed the offending file, which was obviously that .jekyll-metadata file, and did another commit for the merge, and a push! I think I may have snagged the upgrade from the Hydejack Repo that way. Not sure though… After all those changes today I should hope so!

If I ever understand This Page: then maybe I will begin to get a clue. As for now, I’m feeling pretty clueless.

But as for tonight, I’m going to bed. It has been rough. My sinuses are destroyed.

The only consolation I have is that…


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