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Fretting over ‘problems’?


“Just write everyday of your life. Then see what happens.” ~ Ray Bradbury

Of course, I didn’t do much writing today! Mostly did doctors, paperwork, research, and I may have played around a bit more with the 'HUGO' static site generator in Manjaro! I really wish there was a way to get an up-to-date install of 'HUGO' from a Debian repository. Alas, Arch-based seems to be my best bet. Probably better bets for others. Just like actual website deployment. I’m choosing Gitlab, and will probably use the rsync method of deployment, as described in this link:; but there are a whole host of other options one can ‘go’ with. (see what I did there?) Seriously though, no need to learn the GO programming language; and I’m beginning to feel like this may be easier for ‘newbs’ than 'Jekyll'. Just check out some of these 'HUGO' Hosting & Deployment Options.

I guess I could be nice and list the links most helpful to start out with 'HUGO':

Wonder if 'LBRY' will ever be a viable site?


Things to add to TODO:


  • Did I mention permalinks? ~ PERMALINKS.

  • Git the About: Page Written NAO!

  • Update and Upgrade the Debian Testing Bullseye VM and see what version of 'HUGO' is in that repository.


In other news…

Terry Jones, from ‘Monty Python’ died.


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